Parkour at JUMP Avondale

Run, jump, climb, vault, and flow through the parkour pit as creatively as you see fit. You’ll no longer be bound to straight lines and right angles; instead, allow your new found parkour skills to redirect your energy into creatively expressing yourself.

Figure out the fastest – and most fun – route from A to B using running, climbing, swinging, vaulting & rolling moves using our purpose built equipment designed to become a traceur – that’s a skilled parkour practitioner, to you and I.

Access to the Parkour Pit is included in the General Admission access.

Parkour Pit Rules & Conditions

  • Please be sure to read our safety rules and guidelines found on our website and displayed inside JUMP.
  • Use the course at your own risk, it can be tough on your hands and upper body.
  • Only attempt skills that you are confident and capable of landing.
  • Be aware of other people using the equipment as paths can easily cross.
  • No climbing above the yellow line (bar supports).
  • No ‘giants’ (swinging rotation) on the bars.
  • Do not stack loose objects on one another as they can move during use.
  • If you are unsure of how to use equipment, check with a staff member  before attempting any manoeuvre.
  • When attempting precision jumps make sure to land on the balls of your feet. Only attempt distances you can achieve safely.
  • Keep shoes on at all times on parkour equipment.
  • The parkour pit is not open during Lights Out for safety reasons.

At JUMP we strive to create exciting, enjoyable and original experiences that encourage achievement, fitness and fun. We pride ourselves on outstanding service delivery, safety guidelines, innovation and improvement. For any other questions please contact JUMP on 0800 JUMP WITH US (0800 586 794) or


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