Do you have what it takes to be a Ninja Warrior?

Have you been watching the ‘Australian Ninja Warrior’ on TV Three and thought, “I can do that?”

Well now’s your chance to prove it at JUMP North Shore!

JUMP North Shore has an adult and a kids’ Ninja course, so the whole family can have a go! Our course features elements seen on both American Ninja Warrior and Australian Ninja Warrior.

The Team from News Hub tested their strength on the course and made it look easy! Are you up for the challenge? See if you’ve got what it takes to be a JUMP Ninja Warrior. Ninja pass only $5 extra with your admission!



The course demands an incredibly high degree of upper body strength as well as balance and coordination.  Come practice and master your skills and endurance at JUMP North Shore. Do you have what it takes to be a Ninja Warrior? Obstacle replicas include a 12ft Warped Wall, Cannon Ball Alley, Tilting Ladder, Spider Wall, Quintuple Steps and much, much more! course access can be purchased in the form of a JUMP Super Pass, an additional cost of $5 on top of the General Admission which starts at $17.


Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page if you have questions that need answering about Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter to be kept in the loop with all things JUMP. Rules & Conditions

  • Please be sure to read our safety rules and guidelines found on our website and displayed inside JUMP.
  • Kids Course: Minimum height required – 110cm (no mini Jumpers).
  • Adults course: Minimum height required – 150cm (due to obstacle requirements on 2nd floor).
  • Must be confident with heights.
  • Use the course at your own risk, it can be tough on your hands and upper body.
  • Wait until the court monitor tells you it is safe to go.
  • One person at a time, per obstacle.
  • JUMP grip socks need to be worn at all times – No shoes, no bare feet.
  • The aim is to make your way through the course without touching the purple pads or foam blocks.
  • No climbing to the top of the rock wall – Only across.
  • Do not climb on the metal pillars – stick to the obstacles.
  • Airbag: Socks must be worn on warped wall and land on the JUMP logo in either the seated position or on your back. Do not land on your feet.
  • The course is not open during Lights Out for safety reasons.

At JUMP we strive to create exciting, enjoyable and original experiences that encourage achievement, fitness and fun. We pride ourselves on outstanding service delivery, safety guidelines, innovation and improvement. For any other questions please contact JUMP on 0800 JUMP WITH US (0800 586 794) or

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