JUMP Holiday Programmes

We’ve got everything you need to get the kids literally jumping off the walls these school holidays.

Non-stop fun – Great Exercise – Awesome new friends!
Book now for the April School Holidays!

Our holiday programme is designed for kids aged 5-14 years of age, they will be fully supervised every day by our awesome and highly trained JUMP crew, whilst they get to explore JUMP’s awesome facilities.

We have a variety of activities planned for each day, during a half day we will have at least 2 hours of JUMP time and 4 hours of JUMP time if a full day is booked.

To view a schedule of activities, click the area below. Expect a mixture of time exploring the park, games, crafts and many other fun activities.

To view the activities that will take place each day, select your JUMP location;


When: The structured programme will run daily between 18 – 21 April, & 24 – 28 April 2017 (Holiday programme will not be running on the 25th April)
Where: North Shore, Avondale and Hamilton
Times: Half day option: 8:30am – 3pm & full day option 8:30am – 6pm
Cost: $50 half day (8:30am – 3pm) & $70 full day (8:30am – 6pm) with a $25 discount if a full week is booked

Did you know that 10 minutes on the trampoline is the equivalent to 33 minutes of running!? So get the kids off the couch and active these holidays while also exploring their creative minds.

Holiday Programme Conditions


Programme Content

Our programme content allows for choice. JUMP will plan a varied, child-focused and stimulating program that meets your child’s developmental, emotional, intellectual, cultural and physical needs. If you have any concerns regarding the programme content, please do not hesitate to contact the Holiday Programme Director.

How to enrol?

Complete the registration form online, we require one form to be completed for each child. Bookings will be based on “First in, first served”. Registration will be confirmed on receipt of payment.

Ways to Pay

Credit Card/Visa Debit over the phone with our Administration team or at a JUMP reception with prior approval only.

Signing In/Out

The Programme starts at 8.30am and finish at 3.00pm for a half day or 6.00pm for a full day. Children are not to be dropped off prior to 8.30am due to supervisors being unavailable. Drop off and pick up is the caregivers responsibility and signing the child in and out of the programme is required. Caregivers will need to indicate if someone other than those registered on this enrolment will be collecting the child.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be given for any days booked. However, if your child is unwell (with proof by Medical Certificate) your bookings may be exchanged for an alternative day with the approval of the Holiday Programme Director. Absences must be advised as soon as possible and prior to 9am.

Accident & Injury

All care will be taken to provide a safe and well-supervised environment for children attending the programme, in accordance with national standards. Although accidents do happen. JUMP will not be liable for accidents, injury or loss/damage to property. Duty of care is the responsibility of the individual.

JUMP Staff

All holiday programme staff are employed and vetted by JUMP and are very experienced, well qualified and have a great ability to interact and provide a safe and encouraging environment for your child.


Meals are not provided, at times the children may be treated with party food. Parents are required to notify JUMP upon registration of any food allergies or nutritional requirements their child has.

Health and safety

It is important all staff and children work and play in a safe manner. All hazards, accidents or incidents are dealt with according to the safety management policies and procedures. Each session will be overseen by a JUMP crew member with a current first aid certificate.


Our staff are trained in dealing with emergencies, such as fire and earthquake.

Illness and medication

Children who are unwell should stay home, especially if their illness is of an infectious nature. If a child becomes ill, JUMP will inform the Parent so they can be collected immediately. Medicine will not be administered unless a parent completes a medical consent form.


JUMP takes any complaints seriously. Parents are encouraged to bring complaints to the attention of either the Holiday Programme Director or the park manager.


Enrolment may be withdrawn if severe misbehaviour occurs regularly or if a child’s misbehaviour has created an untenable situation for others attending the program.

Time on the trampolines 

We have a variety of activities planned for each day, during a half day we will have at least 2 hours of JUMP time and 4 hours of JUMP time if a full day is booked.


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