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Greg Roe @ JUMP NZ!

JUMP is New Zealand’s first trampoline park, the only internationally safety-accredited trampoline park in NZ and we were absolutely stoked to be the first in Australasia to host a Greg Roe T.R.A.M.P Champ Series April 19 – 21!

Congrats to our T.R.A.M.P Champ Competition Winners!

Quinn Proctor (L) our Senior Division Winner has won a paid trip to the SkyBound EU Games in Denmark from the 3rd of August 2018! Follow Greg Roe and all our awesome winners to watch some amazing flipping and the fun of the GT Games Competition.

Senior Division Winners: 1st Quinn Proctor (L) and 2nd AJ Ross (R) with Greg Roe

Quinn Procter and AJ Ross

Youth Division Winners: Fin Shannon (L) and Jack Murtagh (R) with Greg Roe

Fin Shannon and Jack Murtagh

Senior Division Competitors

TRAMP Champ competitors

Youth Division Competitors

TRAMP Champ Competitors

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Gallery of fun from the T.R.A.M.P Champ

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Who is Greg Roe?

Bridging the gap for the future of acrobatic sports

With the explosion in popularity of backyard trampolines and trampoline parks, the world of flipping has changed and the new generation of young flippers are looking for new ways to connect, not just on-line but in real life situations.

Greg Roe’s T.R.A.M.P Champ Series allows freestyle trampolinists to showcase their skills in a friendly competition environment. These events are part of the World Freestyle Trampoline Association (WFTA) in partnership with GRT Network Inc.

Greg Roe, is a Canadian Trampolinist who is known in the acrobatic world for his insane stunts on social media, as well as his appearances on popular TV shows such as America’s Got Talent.

Roe is also a Level 3 Trampoline Coach who has over 15 years of competition experience and has trained Provincial Athletes.

Known for his unique coaching style, Roe mixes complex acrobatic and physiological principles with a fun and easy application process that everyone can follow.

What about our JUMP Crew?

JUMP is so proud to be the only internationally safety-certified trampoline park in New Zealand and now we are so excited to offer our JUMP Crew another first with Trampoline Park safety training and Trampoline coaching directly from Greg!

Greg’s program aims to educate, develop and teach safety awareness to Park employees and show them the importance of their role as court monitors and we are so stoked to have him here!

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