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JUMP.bootcamp dates

JUMP.Bootcamp will be relaunching on October 16th. It’ll be bigger and better than ever! Register your interest below and we’ll notify you once registrations are open.

Want to burn up to 1,000 Calories per class? Come to JUMP.bootcamp and let us put a little spring in your step and get into shape! 

JUMP.bootcamp is a higher-intensity workout than Expect more repetitions and less rest. While our other fitness classes take place only on the trampolines, bootcamp makes use of the entire park. Register below and join JUMP.bootcamp!

Did You Know! A study carried out by NASA found that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running!

What is included?

  • 3 workouts a week, for 4 weeks run in 45 minute sessions
  • Weekly weigh ins
  • Healthy eating guidelines
  • Suited for all fitness levels
  • Each participant will be, let’s just say, “encouraged” to make a maximum effort
  • Fun, energetic, and unlike anything you have ever tried
  • Caters for beginners right up to advanced fitness level


$140 per person for the 4 week program ($35 per week).

JUMP.bootcamp times



6:00 am
8:00 am
7:00 pm

JUMP North Shore

6:00 am
7:00 pm


6:00 am
7:00 pm

6:00 am
7:00 pm

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Next JUMP.bootcamp dates

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What to bring

We have lots of fun, so bring a smile and let’s get fit while we play. Here are some other things you might want to bring.

Water bottle –  Drink lots of water during and after your workout. A drinking fountain is also available near the cafe.  

Sports Towel – If you sweat a lot, consider bringing a sports towel to dry off in between segments. Sweat on the trampoline can make it unexpectedly slippery.

Sports shoes – Some of our exercises will take place outside so appropriate footwear is needed.


Do I need to be fit to do JUMP.bootcamp?
Of course not, that’s why you are coming to us. On day one of the course we put all recruits through a basic fitness assessment, allowing the instructor to have an idea of how they can vary the sessions to each individual to help everyone get maximal results.

What sort of results does JUMP.bootcamp offer?
The two most obvious results of JUMP.bootcamp are ‘Fat Loss’ and ‘increased cardio-vascular fitness’. Other benefits of this training regime are, increased muscle tone, improved muscular strength & endurance, agility, and also improved self esteem & confidence.

What will I be doing in a JUMP.bootcamp session?
The course is designed to challenge you physically & mentally.
You will perform activities including but not limited to:

  • Running, ‘Stair Climbs’, foam pit crawls.
  • Push ups, Sit ups, Planks and Team Strength Challenges.
  • Specifically designed obstacle courses to challenge each individual physically and mentally.
  • Lots of JUMPing

Is JUMP.bootcamp Safe?
All of our instructors have vast exercise and training knowledge and experience. We take every precaution to ensure that you are safe at all times. All our instructors carry first aid kits and are trained to use them. We encourage every recruit to manage their own personal safety by wearing suitable exercise clothing, shoes and to maintain safe levels of hydration during exercise. Please note that our instructors can prevent you from participating if they suspect any activity will be unsafe or dangerous for your health and well-being.

If I miss a session can I make it up in another month?
The JUMP.bootcamp program has a policy where make up sessions are not permitted.

What do I need to bring to my JUMP.bootcamp training sessions?
You will need to wear comfortable workout gear with appropriate shoes if outside you can run in. Also bring a full water bottle and a small towel for afterwards.

If I choose not to continue with JUMP.bootcamp during a course, will I get a refund?
Once a course commences there are no refunds.

How much does JUMP.bootcamp Cost?
$140 per person for the 4 week program.


JUMP.bootcamp Conditions

  • By registering for JUMP.bootcamp you are agreeing to abide by the safe guidelines and conditions of JUMP.
  • 3 classes per week, for 4 weeks.
  • JUMP.bootcamps runs only on the dates listed above.
  • Registration must be pre-paid before the start of the bootcamp. It is the responsibility of the customer to attend the sessions agreed at the start of the programme.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable/transferable as JUMP enforces a no refund policy.
  • Conditions are subject to change.
  • Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes before your lesson time to allow time for processing and our safety briefing.
  • Due to Health and Safety, regulations we have a strict policy against bringing any outside food and drink onto the premises.
  • Please be sure to read our safety rules and guidelines found on our website and displayed inside JUMP.
  • You will receive an email from JUMP to confirm availability and then to proceed with booking your space, full payment of is required to secure your space. Please note this payment is non-refundable.
  • Sessions are 45 minutes in duration and have limited participants per session, pre-registration is essential

At JUMP we strive to create exciting, enjoyable and original experiences that encourage achievement, fitness and fun. We pride ourselves on outstanding service delivery, safety guidelines, innovation and improvement. For any other questions please contact JUMP on 0800 JUMP WITH US or [email protected].

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