Trampoline Benefits

JUMPing on a trampoline is fun for both children and adults. JUMP can provide many reasons that will get you away from the TV and computer screens and JUMPing for joy.

Trampolines provide you with an aerobic workout without realising it, helping to improve the efficiency of your cardiovascular system and improving your general fitness. This type of activity helps to boost your body’s metabolic rate and its ability to burn more calories as well as to burn fat while having loads of fun!

NASA believes that “rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.” Trampolining is a low-impact workout that helps relieve stress and anxiety, tone muscles and improve co-ordination.

FACT: A study carried out by NASA found that 10 minutes JUMPing on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running.

With the on-going obesity issues we are presented with in New Zealand, JUMP is providing one of many solutions. Regular JUMPing is proven to burn fat and help tone the body, especially the stomach, back and legs, as your core-stability muscles are constantly engaged to help keep you balanced. Regular trampoline exercise is also good for your immune system, which helps keep your body’s natural defences high and reduces the chance of getting sick, according to Dr. Morton Walker, who published a list of trampoline health benefits in the Townsend Letter for Doctors.

Although trampolines provide an intense workout for the muscles and bones, the mat or pad absorbs 80 per cent of the shock from the rebound. Unlike jogging or playing tennis, trampolines provides your body with an all-round workout while reducing the risk of injury to your joints, especially in your ankles and knees.

FACT: it was noted that during the build-up to the Football World Cup in 2002, David Beckham was seen building up fitness and ball skills whilst using a mini-rebounder.

More benefits include:

  • Co-ordination and agility – Learning to co-ordinate the movement of your arms and legs while keeping balance.
  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure – JUMPing on a trampoline does not stress the joints and is linked to a decrease in cholesterol levels, blood pressure and triglycerides, weight loss and detoxification through the lymphatic system.
  • Increased heart strength and efficiency – Trampoline exercise strengthens your whole body inside and out, including cells in the liver, kidneys, bladder, heart and lungs.
  • Improve both upper – and lower-body strength – Using this form of exercise you can develop both your upper and lower body strength just as effectively as weight lifting without straining your muscles or providing the threat of a pulled muscle.
  • Improve flexibility and posture – JUMPing on a trampoline strengthens and lengthens muscles and tones the muscles therefore also improving your posture
  • Plyometric training – This is known as JUMP training, which refers to the motions involved in JUMPing. Your muscles stretch like shock absorbers when you land and then contract when you leap up. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that plyometric exercise be done on surfaces that have resilience, such as rebounders and trampolines.
  • Fitness training – Many athletes choose the trampoline as another form of exercise to increase their stamina and strength. According to NASA, trampoline exercise is 70% more effective in fitness training than track running for an equal amount of time.
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