About JUMP

JUMP is an indoor trampoline park we created for New Zealander’s to experience. This fun and exciting entertainment activity is gripping the world. We felt all Kiwi’s should be given the opportunity to experience this extreme jumping attraction.

Trampolines have been a part of Kiwi culture for many years with most of us having one in our backyard. We here at JUMP are very excited to take this old ‘Kiwi favourite’ to a whole new level. JUMP provides a welcoming environment for people of all ages, sizes and physical abilities to enjoy the fun of JUMPing while working on your physical wellbeing.

JUMP is made up of thousands of square metres of interlocking trampolines covering the floor space and going up the walls. In addition we also have a 20ft foam pit area to JUMP into from a set of ‘runway’ trampolines, a trampoline dodge ball court and other fun accessories like a basketball hoop for extreme dunking.

JUMP sessions start on the hour every hour and we encourage everyone to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the session.

JUMP will entertain the whole family leaving you wanting more!

JUMP is a spring-loaded urban playground with a range of activities for everyone to enjoy. Suitable for all ages, from small children just having a JUMP to teenagers and parkour free runners experimenting tricks, up to grandparents JUMPing around with their grandchildren. Regardless of your skill/fitness level JUMP will cater to all. This is all made safe with soft landing surfaces, lots of padding and gymnastic grade foam creating a platform to burn energy while having the most fun you can possibly imagine.

Safety is our #1 priority!

JUMPing on a trampoline is an inherently dangerous activity and can be categorised as an action or extreme sport. It is important for participants to follow set rules, safety guidelines and to JUMP within their own ability.

At JUMP we want all our JUMPers to leave our building happy and with exciting stories to share with their friends. Because of this, we have gone to great lengths to reduce or eliminate some of the hazards associated with trampolines and are continually working to ensure a safe environment through superior structure, staff training, research, education and planning. Read more about our safety rules and guidelines.

The easiest, fastest and most convenient way to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience JUMP, is to book online. Simply click here to BOOK NOW. The big advantage of booking online is that you can see live information that will tell you which days and times are available to you.

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