JUMP Activities

Free Running Area

This area consists of hundreds of square metres of interconnecting trampolines with trampolines going up the wall creating a platform to run, JUMP, flip and perform whatever tricks your skill level allows you to.

Dodge Ball Court

This area consists of over 200m2 of trampolines creating a dodgeball court. This is the ultimate trampoline team game – two teams JUMPing around throwing soft ‘bowling ball’ size dodge balls at each other. The aim is to ‘dodge the ball’. If you get hit – you’re out. Last one standing wins. So get your mates together and come and battle it out on the JUMP dodgeball court to see who will be the last person standing.

JUMP.corporate dodgeball league will be coming soon.

Foam Pit

This area consists of two trampoline launch pads which catapult you into a 20ft foam pit that is 2 metres deep and filled with thousands of gymnastic grade foam cubes. The foam pit is the ideal area to practice all sorts of aerial manouveres with a soft and safe landing.


When you are ready for a break or just enjoying the atmosphere JUMP.fuel will be serving up delicious and healthy food and drink options. Whether it be a great tasting coffee, a freshly squeezed juice or a delicious smoothie, our light food options will compliment your JUMP experience and re-fuel your body and mind.

Also to treat the kids or the young at heart we offer value-for-money scooped Tip Top ice cream in a cone for the journey home.


Come and join in on a group fitness class as a fun alternative to the gym.

Trampolining is a low-impact workout that helps relieve stress and anxiety, tone muscles and improves co-ordination. A study carried out by NASA found that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a better cardiovascular workout than 33 minutes of running!

Run in 45 minute sessions for only $15 you will work on all areas of the body without even realising it.

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